Fairfield by Marriott Kolkata launches the Ozone Convention Centre

Fairfield by Marriott Kolkata

Since its launch in December 2019, Fairfield by Marriott Kolkata has become an acclaimed destination for its accommodation, dining and events, corporate and social alike. The hotel is adding another feather to its cap with the inauguration of Ozone Convention Centre on May 28, 2022, a multilevel offering of meeting and event spaces. This latest edition is a short twenty minutes’ drive from the airport and offers a panoramic view of the Newtown skyline with natural light streaming in at all levels.

The Ozone Convention Centre comprises of three multipurpose venues, namely –Empress Hall, Monarch Hall and Regent Terrace. Each floor has distinct look and feels to create a multi-faceted overall atmosphere suitable for a variety of occasions. Details in each space, such as the flooring, walls and ceiling have been meticulously selected to create a unique experience on every level. The halls have a blend of neo-classic and contemporary elements with handpicked artefacts enhancing the overall appeal of the dynamic spaces.

The presence of abundant natural light and judicious use of glass and mirror surfaces lends a spacious and airy feel to the halls. With the use of direct and indirect diffused lights, the ambience can be altered to suit the occasion.