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Finland: Happy and Hearty escape to Northern Europe

A lot of people may know that Finland is considered the happiest country in the world, but very few know that it has so much to offer its vacationers. The pure blend of wild beauty, contemporary design, and culinary excellence in Finland are enticing. With winter magic and sparkling summers, there is something irresistible about Finnish air. Globetrotting here is an unforgettable experience for anyone, with towering forests speckled with picture-perfect lakes, staying in a beautiful igloo, fizzing across behind a team of yapping huskies in Lapland, shopping for the best in Scandinavian design, or a serene boat trip to Helsinki, the country has it all. Let us take you to the happy heart of Europe and begin your journey right away!

Get hooked to the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, nature’s most spectacular light show, can be seen from glass huts and igloo houses in Finland. Gazing at the blazing colours in the night sky is once in a lifetime experience for everyone visiting the Finnish Lapland. The district near or north of the Arctic Circle is the ideal place to watch the Northern Lights at their best. It takes place between September and March under a clear and starry sky. The appearance and disappearance of these lights are unpredictable, occurring at any moment after sunset and before dawn but indeed one spectacle you cannot miss in your lifetime.

Meet the Santa Clause at Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region, is enchanted by something otherworldly that fills it with wonder. What is special here? The midnight sun, the Sami people, the aurora borealis (northern lights), roving reindeer, and, of course, Santa Claus, who lives here through all seasons. The vast wilderness covers a large portion of Lapland and can be explored on skis, sledges, or an icy walk. This is a popular family destination, especially for children who enjoy and love talking with Santa Claus and riding on a Husky or reindeer sledge. Whether you visit during the holidays, a leisure trip or even a brief business visit, you will always be surrounded by festive vibes.

Delve into history at Suomenlinna in Helsinki

Suomenlinna, the ‘fortress of Finland’ was built by the Swedes in 1847, is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its impressive fortification. The islands here are car-free and are connected by bridges. The 18th-century fort on Suomenlinna, roughly 4 km southeast of Helsinki’s city centre, is one of the world’s largest sea fortresses. For those interested to learn about history and see the artefacts from the past, this fortress is the best place to explore. Take a stroll around the gorgeous island or sign up for a guided tour to learn more about the fort and the spectacular sights.

Staying in a Snow Castle at Kemi

Have you ever come across a snow castle? What does it appear to be? If you haven’t been there or seen one, Finland has one for you. This snow castle, located in the northern region of Finnish Lapland, was built in 1996 and is regularly reconstructed with new designs. The entire snow castle is divided into verticals, each with its own SnowHotel, SnowChapel, and SnowRestaurant. The temperature inside is quite cold and everyone who comes is advised to dressed in warm clothes. Nonetheless, there are sufficient facilities to keep everyone warm, comfortable and happy.

Porvoo and Fiskars: the two hidden gems of Finland

Porvoo and Fiskars are two offbeat towns in Helsinki that make for a great day trip to see Finnish art and culture while enjoying traditional food. These two locations are a historical haven of art, design and attractive architecture, surrounded by nothing but tranquil nature and abundance of aromatic regional cuisine. Over 200 artists live in Fiskars village, which feels like a distinct universe where only art and craft flourish. Porvoo is known for its tiny lanes with historic beauty and culinary delights. It is Finland’s second-oldest city, famed for its charming cafes, beautiful stores and the red-painted riverbank residences. These two are a fantastic combination of serenity and creativity and are definitely the “not-to- miss” experiences.

Lounging under the glistening sky in a Glass Igloo

What better way to spend a night in Finland than sleeping beneath a star-studded sky in a glass igloo? That feeling of the chill in your veins as you sleep in an igloo during the bitterly cold winter is unbeatable. It comes as no surprise that it will be the most chilling experience of your life. On a clear night, you might be able to see the Northern Lights. These glass igloos are designed to provide a comfortable stay complete with all of the necessities.

Reconnect with nature at Lakeland

Well, if you like the random rendezvous with the nature, do pay a visit to Lakeland. Being one of Europe’s largest lake districts, it offers mesmerising views out across sapphire waters, forested islands and skerries. The region has activities for visitors all year long, including cruises, fishing, paddle boarding, ice swimming and skating. Lake Saimaa (Finland’s largest lake) offers pleasant routes for cyclists and motorists while Lake Pielinen offers unique culture and awe-inspiring landscapes. And how can one forget to mention Lake Paijanne (Finland’s second largest lake) that offers stunning views to nature lovers and Lake Kallavesi, best visited for cruising adventure in summers and ice- skating in winters.

Sunbathe at the Åland Archipelago

The Åland Archipelago, located off Finland’s southwest coast in the piercing blue Baltic Sea, is a summertime Finnish fantasy. It is a culturally, politically, and geographically unique part of Finland, which is home to about 29,000 inhabitants and is situated in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden. During the summer, visitors flock to the wide white beaches and enjoy riding bicycles on beautiful bike lanes. Also, the Jan Karlsgarden open-air museum is worth visiting, where you can enjoy watching how an island looked back in 1890. However, the flawless nature and marvellous landscapes of the island remain unparalleled and unforgettable.



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