TripJack… Aspiring to Become India’s Largest Travel Company


Resumption of international flights comes as a breather for all the travel enthusiasts and it seems as a silver lining that would surely hit all the right chords after two long challenging years. In an exclusive chat with Mr. Hussain Patel, Director, TripJackout of his busy schedule, it was kind enough of him to spare some time and share his valuable industry insights. Read in detail to know about his venture, journey and promotional strategies. Take a look…

“We are grateful for the trust our travel partners have placed in us and we are honoured to serve as everyone’s travel partner of choice. COVID-19 caused alot of disruption in the travel industry and I am proud to say that we worked extremely closely with the Hotels and Airlines and got the refunds processed to all our travel partners”.

Please give an overview of your company and its services.

TripJack is the fastest-growing B2B Travel technology company in India with a network of 40000+ Travel Agents in India who use multiple products on TJ’s platform like Flights, Hotels, Visa, Insurance, Trains, Packages, etc.

How strong is your online presence? Please brief us about the features of your app/ website. has the widest online presence in India with Travel agents present in 5000+ pin codes in more than 300+ Cities. We have undoubtedly created the most user-friendly b2b platform which assists Travel partners in growing their business.

Any special promotions/offers that you are coming up with?

We want to make sure our partners get the best and most exclusive deals as travel demand grows across all segments. With international scheduled flights now available, we have collaborated closely with airline and hotel partners to provide the best rates through TripJack. In addition, we will continue the third season of our cricket fantasy league. It’s purely an engagement platform for the industry, and anyone in the industry can play for free. Cricket is dear to the hearts of the majority of Indians, and viewership is increasing year after year; thus, we began this to pique the interest of our trading partners.

Daily matches are available to play on an app that can be downloaded from or online. I encourage everyone to play and put their cricket skills to the test while also having a chance to win daily rewards in the form of TJ Coins, which can be redeemed for discounts on any future Trip Jack booking. There are numerous other prizes to be won, such as free flights, hotel stays, cruises, and so on.

How important has technology played in redefining the travel businesses in the recent past?

The Travel industry, on the whole, has been changing rapidly every year and there is a need to constantly evolve and adapt in order to build a sustainable business model. In our case, we feel that these changes are helping us grow because wherever complexities are increasing an opportunity is also created which we have successfully been able to ride on. Also, there is always uncertainty about the future. What is required is the right implementation and information which if made available at the right time the fear of that uncertainty very quickly becomes an opportunity. There is an opportunity to rebuild travel and do it better. While anyone is growing they tend to make decisions fast, and sometimes this leads to an increase in unnecessary costs.

It is really important to identify and bring down the recurring cost of operating the business. Technology induction in companies should be looked upon as an investment in the future and not as an expense in the present. We have made many technology enhancements in our Product to enable our Travel Partners to conduct their business operations with ease which helps them in serving their customers better and bringing in a repeat value to them and at the same helps us increase our business.

What kind of market share do you have currently? What are your projections?

We aspire to be the largest travel company in India and have ambitious plans to achieve our goals by empowering our travel partners in India to grow their business with us.

We are grateful for the trust our travel partners have placed in us and we are honored to serve as everyone’s travel partner of choice. Covid-19 caused a lot of disruption in the travel industry and I am proud to say that we worked extremely closely with Hotels and Airlines and got the refunds processed to all our Travel partners. Our transparency and Integrity of doing business has been much appreciated by the Industry and which has helped us in growing our market share to 28% in our segment, with International Flights gradually starting operations we expect our market share to further increase in the coming months.

Any new product developments in the recent past? What are your plans for the year ahead?

Technology is a constantly evolving trend at TripJack. By aligning with the latest trends in travel and tech our focus is always to increase the business for our travel partners and enhance their operational efficiency. Focusing on what our travel partners require, we have worked on features like Airline NDC Integrations, Free Cancellation, Railway Booking Enhancement, Room Mapping, and Enhanced Hotel Content In our roadmap for the year 2022, we continue to enhance the user experience and provide a seamless 360 degree experience across International Flights, Hotels and Visas among others.

What is your future vision?

Travel Agents are an essential part of the travel ecosystem globally. As the world evolves to become more tech-savvy and internet penetration becomes deeper, we will need to enhance the travel agents’ tech stack. At TripJack our vision is to be the largest travel company in the assisted online space.