MoCA, Bihar Govt, FICCI join hands to promote civil aviation sector in Bihar


The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India in collaboration with Government of Bihar and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry organised a Conference for promotion Civil Aviation Sector in the sate of Bihar. The conference brought together experts from Indian Aviation Sector for strengthening the state’s opportunities in Airports infrastructure, Heli services, agro- business and tourist destinations, increase regional connectivity, attract investment and identify business.
Civil Aviation is a key infrastructure sector that facilitates the growth of the business, and seamless flow of investment, trade and tourism, with significant multiplier effects across the economy. Over a third of world trade by value is delivered by air and about half of international tourism is facilitated by air links.
Bihar is one of the progressive states in India and it has immense growth potential. In recent years, state’s civil aviation sector has seen exponential growth in terms of air passengers, Airport Infrastructure etc. and holds the key to link the state to the other states of the country while it also taking ahead state’s tourism, trade and commerce with the rest of the world.