Aarish Khan, TBO

An exclusive tête-à-tête with Aarish Khan, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Travel Boutique Online

To run a company in any vertical, it’s very important to understand the dynamics of business growth as well as what the company will look like in the coming years. At the epicenter of this is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), a diverse top-level leader who’s responsible for developing the company’s commercial strategy as well as for driving growth. Being one of the most important working members, CCOs have the unique ability to provide a bigger picture of the organization to the consumers. Here, we speak to Aarish Khan, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Travel Boutique Online (TBO) who is not just the backbone of the company but also a brilliant manager having broader leadership skills as well as a solid grasp of business fundamentals. Khan talks about his role in the company, the opportunities and learnings that made him reach for higher horizons

What is your business strategy when it comes to your leadership role at TBO? How has your journey been at TBO so far?

At TBO, our business strategy revolves around our core values of quality, reliability and trust guided by international standards and best practices and is driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall business performance. TBO’s approach has always been ‘technology- first’ and we continue to invest in newerinnovations and fresh offerings to make travel services easy and simple.

I feel glad to share that it has been my longest professional and personal association with TBO. With dedicated hard work, consistent efforts and expertise, I have seen our small team grow into what you all know as the “Leading B2B Travel Platform in India”. This renders various interesting chapters during my journey but being a curious learner, I am always keen to explore and discover more on the horizon.

I firmly believe in being open to learnings on an everyday basis, being agile and transparent at the same time!

What according to you, makes TBO and its services unique from others ?

We aim to simplify the buying and selling process; address the complex travel needs of travel partners across the world seamlessly in time while being cost-effective and competitive at the same time. Our proprietary platform relies heavily on AI/ML to offer unique listings and products, thus increasing conversions. Our extended support to our partners is having multifold touch points which are highly transparent and from a reach perspective, we aim to become accessible to every individual. All of this combined with our team’s strenuous efforts and expert knowledge provide a unique experience during the association with TBO.

Being one of the most important members of the management team, how do you ensure continued progress? How did you manage the same during the peak times of the pandemic?

There are the four key areas that we worked upon to gain customers’ confidence as well as attain growth, even during the pandemic times

  1. We empowered our managers and teams to lead changes
  2. We maintained consistent communication with the industry and the partners
  3. We kept our team on the topmost priority by being supportive to them while engaging with them on daily basis
  4. We focused a lot on learnings and developments rather than just sitting back and waiting for the things to get back on track.

Talking about your overall professional journey, what were the most important milestones? Can you recount a few of them?

My professional journey began by being a sales manager and I have eventually climbed my way up the ladder today. The journey hasn’t been too easy but was full of learnings and experiences. I understood a lot of dynamics while witnessing the changes that the trade had gone through. Working from scratch to build a large team, simultaneously engaging and exploring new business verticals and building an effective network within the industry has been the important milestones throughout this journey.

Any life lessons that changed you both as an individual and a leader?

Indeed. I followed and observed plenty of them however, a few that worked well in my favour were:

  • To always practice self-awareness
  • Be willing to talk about difficult subjects
  • To serve as a role model in all situations
  • To lead from within, which also was my gut feeling

A tip of success that keeps you motivated?

I firmly believe in being open to learnings on an everyday basis, being agile and transparent at the same time. I often share the same learnings with my team, which facilitates me to resolve concerns or remove the roadblocks within the business- this excites me. Thus, I strongly feel you can still do the right thing for yourself if you have faith in God and move forward while consistently learning everything, every day!