Visit Iceland and Embassy of Iceland hosts Tourism Road Show


With an aim to tap the burgeoning Indian outbound market, Visit Iceland in association with the Embassy of Iceland New Delhi hosted a Road Show, Press Meet and Networking evening in New Delhi and Mumbai in September 2022.

The Incoming Delegation of Partners for Roadshow this year includes Thorleifur Thor Johnson, Senior Manager, Trade Delegations – Business Iceland; Ársæll Hardarson, Regional Manager, GSA Asia, Middle East &; South America, Icelandair; Erling Aspelund and Kristín Björnsdóttir, Owners, Iceland Encounter; Bjarni HrafnIngólfsson Managing Director; Terra Nova. H.E. Gudni Bragason, Ambassador to New Delhi says, “As India is the first major Asian market to open after Covid-19, it is most important for us to tap its potential. Travel had almost stopped during the pandemic, but now we are hoping for a swift revival. Iceland has a lot to offer for Indians as our nature is strikingly different from anything you can experience in India. There are breath-taking Glaciers, Northern Lights, Clean Air and Geothermal heated pools. Besides, Icelandic food is known for its freshness and can easily be adapted to Indian palette.”