Zanzibar appoints Zubin Karkaria as Goodwill Ambassador

Zanzibar, Zubin Karkaria

Zubin Karkaria, Founder and CEO, VFS Global has been appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for tourism for Zanzibar by the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports. Karkaria was among four leaders from distinguished walks chosen to help promote tourism- driven investments in the picturesque destination, off the east coast of Africa in Tanzania, through new avenues for sports, entertainment and culture.

“It is, of course, a great honour and privilege to be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the tourism vertical by the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports. From the tourism perspective, I have been an ardent admirer of Zanzibar’s natural beauty, its warm, hospitable, and tourism- friendly people. With this opportunity, I can personally and professionally add value to this outstanding destination, and I am sure in the years ahead, Zanzibar will make its mark in the tourism spectrum,” said Karkaria.

Zanzibar has attracted tourists from across the world for more than two decades. Its top attractions include Stone Town, its ancient city that became a designated a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2000, its vibrant beach life, surfing and water activities, and its indigenous cuisine, among others.