Ajman: The Smallest Wonder with Profound Adventures

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Gather History at Ajman National Museum
The Ajman National Museum houses fascinating historical artefacts such as
manuscripts, souvenirs, folk costumes, and anything else that depicts the city’s history.
The most notable exhibit in the museum is an excavated cemetery discovered in the Al
Muwaihat or Al Mowaihat area, which contains pottery and funeral jewellery dating back
to 3000 BC. Ajman's historical attraction, which attracts a large number of tourists each
year, i.s one of the most visited museums in the Emirates.

Hike to Masfout
To beat the summer heat, head straight to Masfout for a refreshing walk in the
mountains and for endless breathtaking views. Masfout, away from the world of
glamour, is a place to simply surrender to tranquillity. This hiking and off-road biking
destination is located in the UAE's south, near Hatta and is a 90-minute drive from
Ajman City. Many plans are in the works to bring more tourists to this wonderful
location. The Masfout Castle, built in the nineteenth century, is located on the northern
outskirts of Masfout and is the most frequented tourist destination.

Get Tempted by the Adventures of Ajman City
As the capital of Ajman, it is home to over 90 per cent of the population and is located
between Sharjah and Al Quwain, offering a variety of experiences. Tourists from all over
the world flock to Ajman for exciting yet enticing adventures. Ajman has something for
everyone, whether it's beaches, museums, malls, or even the bright sunlight. The trip to
Ajman city will be a delightful experience and one that you'll relish for a lifetime.

Soothing Getaway to Al Manama
Al Manama is a popular destination for nature lovers who adore the charming shades of
green, blooming flowers, and giant lush trees. It is set against the backdrop of Hajar
Mountain and features an interesting museum as well as playing host to a lot of outdoor
activities. Aside from partially fertile land, Al Manama offers freehold properties and
plots for those looking to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. Do not miss Red
Fort and The White Fort that are two of the city's most notable landmarks. Al Manama
may not be the most luxurious neighbourhood, but it surely provides tourists with a
sense of exploring something unique.

Feel the Authentic Arabic Vibe at Saleh Souq
Saleh Souq is a traditional Arabian marketplace that never disappoints the shoppers.
Here, you can find the traditional tailored local items. This place is a part of the heritage
path as it connects Ajman's attractions and is located opposite the Ajman Museum. The
traditionally constructed Saleh Souq sells souvenirs and awesome take-home gifts such
as textiles, pashminas, clothing and more. The place comes to life in the evening when
it is packed with locals; the lively vibe of the place is enticing.

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