Celebrating World Pilot's Day with IndiGo's Remarkable Aviators

As the globe commemorates World Pilot Day, we offer you a peek into the remarkable lives of five exceptional aviators navigating the skies with IndiGo Airlines.

By Aanchal Sachdeva
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Stories from the Skies

As the world celebrates World Pilot's Day, we bring you a glimpse into the lives of extraordinary aviators soaring the skies with IndiGo Airlines.

From remote regions of India to the bustling terminals of major cities, these pilots embody passion, resilience, and dedication to their craft. World Pilot's Day serves as a poignant reminder of the courage, skill, and commitment exhibited by pilots around the globe. On this particular occasion, let’s look into the lives of these exceptional pilots, each with a unique tale of triumph and perseverance.


Capt. Jaigovinda Chakravarthi Patchava

Born and raised in the serene coastal town of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, Capt. Jaigovinda Chakravarthi Patchava's journey to the cockpit is a testament to unwavering determination and steadfast resolve. Growing up with a childhood dream of exploring the world from the skies, Jaigovinda was inspired by the twinkling lights among the stars and the selfless dedication of his parents—a doctor father and a homemaker mother. Despite facing skepticism and limited knowledge of aviation within his family, Jaigovinda's passion for flight remained undeterred. A pivotal moment in Jaigovinda's journey occurred during a school trip to the Air Force station in Dundigal, where he had the unforgettable experience of sitting in a Kiran aircraft cockpit. This encounter further ignited his passion for aviation and solidified his resolve to pursue a career in the skies. Undeterred by the challenges he faced, Jaigovinda joined the prestigious Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (iGRUA), where he excelled and was honoured with the 'Best Pilot' award by the cabinet minister of Civil Aviation. After patiently waiting and working as a ground instructor in Ahmedabad and Gondia, Jaigovinda persevered when he secured his dream job as an airline pilot with IndiGo in 2015. Today, he inspires others with his dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


The Puri Family

For the Puri family, aviation is more than just a profession—it's a legacy passed down through generations. Capt. Sandeep Puri, a distinguished veteran of the Indian Air Force, leads the family with over four decades of aviation experience. His illustrious career includes serving the nation during the Kargil War as the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Jaguar Squadron, where he was decorated with the Vashist Seva Medal for his exemplary service. Following in their father's footsteps, Capt. Sandeep's children, First Officer Saurabh Puri and First Officer Aastha Puri, proudly carry the family tradition of flying high. Growing up amidst the sights and sounds of aviation, they developed a deep-rooted passion for flight, inspired by their father's dedication and commitment to the skies. Together, the Puri family navigates the skies with grace and skill, creating cherished memories amidst the challenges and joys of their shared profession. Their story is a testament to the bonds forged through a love of aviation and the enduring spirit of familial unity.

Puri Family
Capt. Sandeep Puri (father), FO Saurabh Puri (son) and FO Aastha Puri (daughter)
Puri Family 1
Capt. Sandeep Puri (father), FO Saurabh Puri (son) and FO Aastha Puri (daughter)


Capt. Rajiv Battish

With over 45 years of flying experience, Capt. Rajiv Battish is a seasoned pilot whose journey from military service to civil aviation is nothing short of remarkable. Having served in the Indian Air Force for over 25 years, Capt. Battish's expertise spans a wide range of aircraft, including fighters, helicopters, and transport planes.

After transitioning to civil aviation, Capt. Battish joined IndiGo Airlines in 2011, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. As one of the most experienced pilots at IndiGo, he continues to inspire generations of aviators with his dedication to safety, excellence, and professionalism.


 Rajiv Battish



Rajiv Battish 1
Capt. Rajiv Battish


Shariq Baig

At just 19 years old, Shariq Baig is the youngest pilot at IndiGo, representing the next generation of aviation talent. Hailing from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, Shariq's journey from schoolboy dreams to cockpit reality is a testament to ambition and perseverance. Inspired by Air Force officers during his school days, Shariq pursued his dream of aviation with unwavering determination and support from his family.

Today, Shariq's passion for flying knows no bounds as he navigates the skies with skill and precision, proving that age is no barrier to achieving one's dreams in the world of aviation.


Capt. Mandeep Priyakant Patel

Capt. Mandeep Priyakant Patel's journey to the skies is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering positivity. Initially a freelance pilot in the US, she returned to India to gain commercial airline experience, seeking to broaden her horizons and pursue her passion for flying. However, tragedy struck when she lost her husband 12 years ago, leaving her to balance the roles of breadwinner, daughter, mother, and homemaker.

Despite facing immense adversity, Capt. Mandeep has risen above challenges to become an accomplished pilot and mother, embodying the essence of perseverance and resilience. Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all who hear her story, reminding us of the power of the human spirit to overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

As we celebrate World Pilot's Day, let's salute these extraordinary aviators of IndiGo Airlines, whose stories of passion, perseverance, and dedication continue to inspire us all. From the serene coastal towns of Andhra Pradesh to the bustling terminals of major cities, their journeys remind us that the sky is not just a destination—it's a canvas upon which dreams take flight and aspirations soar to new heights.

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