ODISHA: Taking a look at an overlooked gem of India

Odisha unfolds a variety of stories for an avid traveller. To learn about the state that offers much more than religion, dive into these unforgettable experiences and create travel tales of Odisha.

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In eastern India, Odisha derives from the Prakrit word “Odda Visaya”. A land of lush green valleys and history offering extraordinaire traditions and vivid cultures for a curious traveller. The state gratifies your lookout for adventure, breathtaking landscapes, abundant wildlife and sublime ecosystem, magnificent historical wonders telling timeless tales, serene beaches, sacred temples, cathartic spiritual experiences, baroque art and soul-filling delicacies to soothe your taste buds. Odisha unfolds a variety of stories for an avid traveller. To learn about the state that offers much more than religion, dive into these unforgettable experiences and create travel tales of Odisha.


Road Trips through Odisha
Odisha has about 450km long coastline that weaves its cities together following well-paved roads, and one can savour exquisite landscapes while driving along the coastline. Thrill seekers must explore the new Bhubaneswar- Puri highway that stretches for 68 km as it leads you to Jagannath Dham. Other road trips include Bhubaneswar to Daringbadi, a relatively shorter road route worth remembering with trees on either side. One must detour to Vetnai, as it’s a perfect blend of serenity and adventure. Roads from Bhubaneswar lead to more beautiful destinations such as Saptasajya, Satapada, Dhabaleswar, Kapilash, Banki and many more. Let the spur of the moment decide your drive!

Soak in the beauty of blissful beaches
Odisha’s beaches give meaning to words like Serenity, Solitude and Tranquility. The most pristine beaches will cast a spell on you so much so you’ll find solace nowhere but amidst the crystal clear water of the sea and golden sands kissed by the sun. The beach where the oceanic beauty bows down to divinity is Puri Beach. One can indulge in jet skiing, surfing and boating while soaking in spirituality. Immerse in the magical beach, Chandipur is known for its low tides, offering travellers a chance to stroll on the sea bed. Chandrabhaga Beach, located at the dwelling of the Sun Temple in Konark, enhances the traveller’s visual expedition with the hustling of hues during the sunrise and sunset.

Puri- A humble abode to shrines, ashrams and magnificent temples
Old and architecturally picturesque temples and ashrams make Odisha one of the four dhams of Hinduism. Pilgrimage tours are incomplete without sojourning at the Puri temple, the sacredness of which is highly acknowledged. Built in the 11th and 13th centuries, Sri Jagannath Temple and Markandeswara Temple are the city's major attractions. Both exquisite temples are embellished with unparalleled architectural splendour. The main highlight of the Puri Temple is the Rath Yatra, which is hosted every year, marking the journey of Lord Krishna from Gokul to Mathura. The Sun Temple, located in a small district of Konark in Puri, is an
extraordinary 13th-century temple included in the golden triangle of Odisha in addition to Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri and Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar.

Tingle the taste buds
Regional food recipes are usually a treat for tastebuds. Because one is never enough, the must-try sweets which melt gods are Chennapoda, Korakhai, Chenna Jhili, and Rasgulla, popularly known as Kheera Mohana in Odisha. These sweets are essentially a
part of Odisha’s culture and heritage. Prepared by an exquisite group of confectioners, the sweets are offered to lords in temples and given to the masses, evoking a sweet quotient amongst them. Other delicacies are prepared using traditional earthen pots and wooden coals. Like folktales, these are folk recipes passed on from generations only to taste delicious. Other tasteful delicacies include Pakhala, a variety of Pitha such as Chakuli Pitha, Poda Pitha, Sijha Manda, Enduri Pitha, Kakara Pitha, and Dalma.

Wildlife Escapade: Call of the Wilderness

Visitors see the beauty showcased on the surface of Odisha, enjoy mouth-watering delicacies, and take delight in incredible
sights of ocean and nature, but imagine expansive grasslands and meadows on the wavy hillsides with herds of deers, rare blackbucks sauntering around along with Dolphins and Flamingos merrily playing around. You wouldn’t want to miss this
gratifying sight of unequalled topography for the world. Odisha is home to rich flora and fauna, creating a meandering scenery with habitats in pine forests, waterlands, waterfalls, far-flung lakes, and oceans. The state offers a wide range of experiences with nineteen wildlife sanctuaries, two tiger reserves and one national park which are Chillika Lagoon, Debrigarh Sanctuary, Bhitarkanika National Park, Similipal Tiger Reserve and other variety of forest resorts.

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