Taiwan Film Festival returns with spectacular showcase

Taiwan Film Festival in New Delhi on December 11, 2023, featured three outstanding films – 'Till We Meet Again,' a captivating romantic fantasy comedy; the thrilling 'Marry My Dead Body'

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Taiwan Film Festival advocates stronger Taiwan-India socio-cultural bonds

Taiwan Film Festival marked a remarkable return, emphasising enhanced socio-cultural ties between Taiwan and India in New Delhi on December 11, 2023. The annual event took place at PVR Priya Cinema in Priya Complex, attracting attention as the second consecutive edition after a three-year hiatus induced by COVID-19.

Organised by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre (TECC), India, the festival aimed to build a stronger socio-cultural bridge between the two nations, bringing Taiwanese cinema, people, and destinations closer to the Indian audience while promoting visitation and tourism exchange.

Featuring three outstanding films – 'Till We Meet Again,' a captivating romantic fantasy comedy; the thrilling 'Marry My Dead Body,' blending supernatural comedy with crime thriller elements, and 'After School,' a riveting story of adolescence, love, and self-discovery – the festival showcased not only incredible stories but also inspired cultural and destination appreciation.

H.E Baushuan Ger, Representative of Taiwan in India, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response, emphasising the event's expansion to accommodate a broader audience, including representatives from the travel industry, corporates, students, academia, press, social media influencers, and pre-registered attendees. The festival attracted around 600+ guests, reflecting a diverse audience from various sectors and backgrounds.

He stated, “The festival this year is truly exceptional as we have expanded the scale and scope of this wonderful event this year as we showcase three outstanding movies. If you have attended last year's festival, the decision to expand the scale of this festival has been driven by the overwhelming response that we received last year. Your enthusiasm and support for Taiwanese films have inspired us to make this year's event even more spectacular, accommodating a broader audience that shares in the love for Taiwan."

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