Uzbekistan’s Vibrant Showcase at Mumbai's Premier Road Show

Uzbekistan showcased its cultural treasures at Mumbai's Sofitel Hotel during its first-ever India roadshow on December 5, 2023. The event garnered an enthusiastic response from leading travel agencies

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Uzbekistan, Central Asia's hidden gem beckons captivating Mumbai's travel connoisseurs

In a captivating debut, the Central Asian jewel, Uzbekistan, unfurls its cultural riches at Mumbai's Sofitel Hotel. The maiden India roadshow, held on December 5, 2023, drew a stellar response from Mumbai's leading travel agencies, marking a significant milestone in promoting Uzbekistan as an enticing destination in the Indian outbound travel market.

The event, graced by Ikboljon Soliev, Counsellor - First Secretary of The Republic of Uzbekistan Embassy in India, kicked off with a warm welcome speech. An exclusive assembly of 75 top trade buyers and media representatives immersed themselves in an exhaustive presentation that showcased Uzbekistan's diverse tourism offerings. From FIT and family travel to meetings and incentives, Uzbekistan's charm unfolded, promising excitement for the Indian traveller.

A highlight of the evening was an engaging interactive session led by First Secretary Soliev, addressing queries about Uzbekistan's attractions, visa procedures, accommodation options, and more. Sadriddin L Suyarov, Attachee at the Uzbekistan Embassy in India, added to the event's distinguished presence.

Celebrating 30 years of diplomatic ties since Uzbekistan's independence in 1991, First Secretary Soliev expressed the desire for stronger tourism bonds between the nations. Despite distinct landscapes and cultures, Uzbekistan beckons with a brief two-hour flight connecting the capitals. First Secretary Soliev also articulated that initiating the Uzbekistan Tourism Roadshow in Mumbai is a testament to their eagerness to welcome more Indian travellers to explore the rich tapestry of Uzbekistan. With centuries of shared history and culture between Uzbekistan and India, they aim to propel tourism between our nations. Despite the pandemic-induced disruptions, Uzbekistan recorded approximately 29,000 visitors in 2019, and they anticipate quadrupling this number in the next three to four years.

Assuring cooperation for seamless travel, First Secretary Soliev declared Uzbekistan's continued presence in the Indian market. The roadmap includes participation in industry events, trade and media familiarisation tours, and ongoing engagement with the travel fraternity. The roadshow crescendoed with raffles and lucky draws, leaving six winners delighted with Uzbekistan's iconic ceramics, traditional arts, and an all-inclusive tour package.

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