Scrutinising the risks involved while travelling and the dynamics of travel patterns closely, the Founder and CEO of Asego, Dev Karvat, shares his vision of mitigating these risks with comprehensive travel assistance.

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With the ease in restrictions across the globe, globetrotters are taking a front seat, trying to tap every country on the map. However, responsible travelling accompanies travellers like an alter ego. There is still the need for travellers to be conscious about their choices of travel and destinations. Scrutinising the risks involved while travelling and the dynamics of travel patterns closely, the Founder and CEO of Asego, Dev Karvat, shares his vision of mitigating these risks with comprehensive travel assistance and insurance solutions to relish an effortless experience.


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"Right from the inception of Asego, the vision has been to bridge the gap between static offerings available in the market and the traveller’s true needs."


Please elaborate on the vision that drives Asego.
Right from the inception of Asego, our vision has been to bridge the gap between static offerings available in the market and the traveller’s actual needs. We have always worked towards being a dynamic travel ancillary solutions provider to customers and our clients with a strong focus on their business growth. We aspire to lead product innovations beyond insurance and our experience in the global markets has been instrumental in achieving this for an emerging market like India. Moreover, we are constantly moving towards upgraded technology to empower our customers with dynamic offerings. We are also continually enhancing medical assistance capabilities at the heart of our business.

What are the significant risks today’s travellers face, and what role does Asego play in mitigating them?
Recent travel volumes have skyrocketed with the gradual dissipation of COVID-19 around the globe, and so have travel-related risks. Eventualities such as missed/delayed flights and hotel/ flight cancellations are inevitable regarding travel. However, we have recently witnessed a massive spike in newer travel risks, such as loss and damage of gadgets, cyber security issues, identity theft, credit/debit card fraud, etc., amongst travellers. Asego has been working tirelessly to identify and mitigate these risks with comprehensive travel assistance and insurance solutions. Our bouquet of offerings not only takes care of medical emergencies and other travel-related inconveniences but also ensures that travellers are protected against the aforementioned travel risks. Further, our carefully curated standalone products offer travellers an opportunity to customise their protection plans as per their needs and preferences, rather than opting for a plain vanilla travel insurance product.

What are the factors that differentiate Asego’s offerings from those of other players in the market?
Asego has always strived for customer delight. To achieve that, it is imperative to understand the travellers’ needs and provide them with tailor-made solutions to ensure a hassle-free trip. Some factors that differentiate Asego from the rest are:
Fast-track claims support: Our travel assistance and insurance products are powered by 24/7 fast-track claims support and expert
teams across the globe ensure that the travellers are fully protected, no matter where they are.
Customisable protection plans: Our bouquet of travel assistance services and new-age bundled products have always been customer favourites. Nevertheless, we realised that tailoring offerings at a micro level is the need of the hour. We now offer relevant standalone products, such as emergency OPD expenses, quarantine cancellations, cruise cover, and flight delay/interruption covers, pertinent to the current scenario.
Cutting-edge technology platform: As we all know, AI and machine learning are critical to the ever-evolving Insurtech market. Asego has been leveraging these tech capabilities to create a specialised system which helps us understand our customers more deeply and creates a customised user experience, helping them choose the right plan for their needs.

What are the various global assistance services that Asego offers its customers?
We are one of India’s leading global assistance and travel insurance providers. Asego’s services are limited to facilitating claims processes and providing real-time assistance services to travellers. Our services include 24X7 global medical assistance, roadside assistance, family protection, concierge assistance, and insurance. During these unprecedented times, we also provide doctor-on-call services, support during baggage loss and missed flights, advice on COVID-19 protocols in different countries and other related services. Furthermore, we offer medical service-related referrals to customers requiring hospitals, clinics, chemists, diagnostic centres, etc. This is not just for the traveller but also their family back home.


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