Air India implements Advanced Aerowash System

Air India has implemented an automated aircraft cleaning system to improve operational efficiency and promote environmental sustainability. With this initiative, the airline aims to save up to 75,000 litres of water per aircraft annually

New Update

Air India embraced an eco-friendly approach by introducing the 'Aerowash' system, an automated aircraft exterior washing and cleaning technology. This innovative system enhances operational efficiency while significantly contributing to sustainability.

Equipped with modern features, including a robotic micro-fibre brush drum, Aerowash utilizes a nearly waterless process, saving substantial amounts of water during cleaning. For narrow-body aircraft, this translates to up to 30,000 litres per year, while a wide-body aircraft can save as much as 75,000 litres annually. As Air India's fleet expands, the cumulative water savings are expected to be substantial.

Aircraft cleaning traditionally involves manual efforts and consumes significant resources. The shift to automated cleaning not only saves time but is also sustainable, reducing aerodynamic drag caused by accumulated dirt. This reduction in drag enhances fuel efficiency, lowers carbon footprint, prevents structural damage, and extends the aircraft's lifespan. The Aerowash system ensures superior cleaning, covering critical areas such as the crown, elevator, and rudder, contributing to both aesthetics and functionality.

“The modern system of cleaning reinforces our dedication to efficiency, sustainability, and pioneering advancements at par with industry best practices. The device has ensured not only better maintenance of our aircraft but will also contribute to a greener environment in sync with the Tata group’s commitment towards more sustainable ways of doing business.”, said, S.K. Dash, Chief Technical Officer, Air India.

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