Air India unveils Air-Rail Links with Deutsche Bahn Partnership

Air India forged an intermodal interline agreement with WorldTicket, the exclusive distributor for Deutsche Bahn, Europe's railway operator introducing air links across 5600 German Train Stations including those lacking airports on Deutsche Bahn

New Update

Air India has initiated air-rail connections encompassing 5600 train stations in Germany through an intermodal interline agreement with WorldTicket, the exclusive distributor for Europe's largest railway operator, Deutsche Bahn. This collaboration allows Air India passengers to seamlessly travel on a single intermodal ticket beyond Frankfurt, connecting conveniently to other cities and towns across Germany, including those without airports, via Deutsche Bahn. Travellers gain access to over 5600 train stations in Germany on the Deutsche Bahn network, and they can utilize train connections to and from Amsterdam, Brussels, and Zurich via Air India's Frankfurt gateway. WorldTicket, an IATA travel partner, possesses its AOC-holding airline, FlexFlight, with the designator code W2, facilitating intermodal journeys on a single ticket.

The partnership with WorldTicket for Deutsche Bahn also ensures that Air India guests benefit from the same baggage allowance on rail routes as provided on Air India's flights.

Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer at Air India, remarked as they expand the global route network, partnerships like these allow them to offer an extended network to the guests, making journeys to their final destinations more convenient. He seemed pleased to collaborate with WorldTicket and Deutsche Bahn in the endeavour.

In a recent move, Air India has entered a similar intermodal partnership, offering guests easy access to an extensive network of rail and bus operators in the UK, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Intermodal tickets with Air India are currently available for booking through travel agents globally, with plans to gradually extend this facility to the airline's proprietary sales channels.