VFS Global Achieves Outstanding Glassdoor Rating of 4.01 for 2023

VFS Global solidifies its standing as a Preferred Employer, attaining remarkable Glassdoor scores that surpass the coveted four-out-of-five mark in 2023. This outstanding achievement positions it as a global leader and the preferred choice for prospective employees

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VFS Global reinforces commitment to employee excellence and inclusive workplace


VFS Global announces its remarkable achievement, securing a notable rating of 4.01 out of 5 on Glassdoor for the year 2023. As the world's largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions, this accolade underscores VFS Global's unwavering commitment to excellence in people management and human capital development.

With a core philosophy of fostering a 'fellowship of winners,' VFS Global places a profound emphasis on best-in-class HR practices and the holistic development of each team member. The company's investment in continuous training and development, coupled with a dedication to prioritizing people, has resulted in a workplace that champions diversity, inclusivity, and meaningful career opportunities.

Glassdoor evaluates companies on six parameters: Culture & Values, Work/Life Balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, and Diversity & Inclusion. VFS Global has excelled in each category, setting a benchmark for an exemplary work culture that resonates with employee satisfaction and empowerment.

This achievement not only celebrates the company’s success but also cements its status as an employer of choice in the global marketplace. The recognition is particularly gratifying as it reaffirms VFS Global's employee-centric policies and its focus on nurturing talent through robust Learning and Development programs.

The impressive Glassdoor rating in 2023, alongside a headcount of 10,976 employees, underscores VFS Global's commitment to its people. Having won the Golden Peacock National Training Award four times since 2017, the company's dedication to exemplary learning and development practices is further acknowledged.

According to Nirbhik Goel, Chief Human Resources Officer, VFS Global, “I am thrilled to acknowledge the high Glassdoor rating VFS Global has received, a reflection of our commitment to an inclusive and empowering workplace culture. Central to our success is our vibrant workforce, comprising over 131 nationalities, which not only enriches our work environment but is also a cornerstone of our global success. This rating is particularly meaningful as it stems directly from our employees, offering a genuine and voluntary endorsement of our practices.’’

As VFS Global continues to innovate, its unwavering focus on fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment remains integral to its success. This achievement reinforces VFS Global's position as an industry leader and a preferred global employer.

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