The Unmissable Road trips across India

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The Unmissable Road trips across India

publive-imageOne of the things that top the bucket lists of youngsters today is an epic road trip. There’s something about a vast open road in front of you, the wind in your hair and the lure of new places to be discovered that makes you indulge in intrepid travel. Some even see every kilometer traversed as a way of moving ahead and leaving old thoughts and things behind. Movies and other forms of pop culture have also increased the popularity of road trips. India is famous for housing several communities, cultures, languages, etc. along with the astonishing cultural diversity, another thing that is a spectacular attraction in the country is the abundant natural beauty along its roads. The best time to travel on highways in India is usually during the winter season which starts in October and ends around March.

Mumbai to Goa
One of the best road trips in India by car is definitely from Mumbai to Goa. It is also called Asian Highway which joins Panvel in Maharashtra with Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. Thanks to Bollywood movies, the Mumbai–Goa highway has become the quintessential road trip for millennials. Everyone wants to drive down this road at least once in their lives. Stretched across 609 km, this route passes through the curvy bends of the Western Ghats, the plains of Ratnagiri and the seaside roads of the Goan countryside. The most important thing to remember is that the Mumbai–Goa highway has two versions – the old and the new. However, the older route would be the better option to experience the coastal charm of this route in the best possible way.

publive-imageChennai to Pondicherry
Chennai to Pondicherry Road is also known as the East Coast Road. As you travel through this road, you will see the Bay of Bengal accompanying you on one side. The road travels amidst the sea and pine trees making it a scenic route for the travellers. They say good things come in small packages. This phrase is especially true for the Chennai-Puducherry route which, although only 155 km long, doesn’t lack gorgeous vistas. The East Coast Road runs parallel to the shorelines of the Bay of Bengal and is the perfect combination of shady green trees, the sounds of waves and the taste of light, salty winds.

publive-imageRameswaram Pamban Bridge
It is a man-made marvel that was inaugurated in 1988 and is the only way that connects Rameswaram Island with the Indian mainland. In major patches of this bridge, the sea on both sides is quite fascinating. This is one of the most spectacular highways that you can choose to travel through. This road is also called Madurai Rameswaram Road, and if you are looking for the best road infrastructure in India, you should hit this road.

publive-imageManali to Leh Highway
This route is what legends are made of. If a book on Indian road trips were to be written, the Leh – Manali Highway would be featured in its first chapter. A favourite among bikers and spanning over 470km, it connects Ladakh’s Leh with the Himachali hill station of Manali. The road passes through famous high-altitude passes like Rohtang La, Tanglang La and Baralacha La. Manali to Leh Highway is a road trip that you will always remember in your life. The serenity of the road trip cannot be explained in words. It is as picky as it is beautiful: the highway lets adventurous travellers enjoy its sights only during the summer months. During the winters, it is shut due to abundant grace sent by the Snow Gods.

publive-imageShillong to Cherrapunjee
From the Scotland of the East to one of the wettest places in India – this route’s description sounds like a five-star report card. Just a 54-km ride or drive from Shillong is the moist forests of Cherrapunjee. Although this route is short, it promises to soak travellers not only in rain but also with exceptional experiences. On this road trip, there will be many times that you will feel as if the road beneath you has vanished and you’re gliding through clouds. This is not uncommon as Meghalaya literally translates to, ‘the abode of clouds’.


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