KAZIN DMC takes center stage at Riyadh Travel Fair

Riyadh Travel Fair scheduled from May 22 - May 26 saw KAZIN DMC participating with the Kazakh Tourism Board and setting sights on European expansion by year-end

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KAZIN DMC sets sights on European expansion by year-end

Embarking on a new journey, KAZIN DMC took centre stage at the captivating Riyadh Travel Fair, enveloped in the Kazakh Tourism Board's embrace. From May 22 - May 26, the event unfolded with splendour. Rohit Shorey, the intrepid Founder & CEO of KAZIN DMC, unveiled their audacious plans to conquer the realms of Asia, Europe, and Africa, spreading their wings to new horizons. They set their sights on establishing a resplendent sales office in the city of Dublin, Ireland before the curtain falls in 2023.

Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Belarus, the treasured gems in Kazin's crown, boast a wealth of experience accumulated over half a century, making KAZIN DMC's portfolio a beacon of strength and innovation that eclipses its competitors.

Venturing into the radiant landscape of Saudi Arabia, KAZIN DMC sent forth its dynamic Sales team, a force to be reckoned with. Shekar Seshadri, the magnetic maestro of Sales for the captivating Middle East markets, was accompanied by the illustrious Shyray Bulekpayeva, the luminary of International Sales. Their agility left an indelible mark on the Saudi sands. KAZIN DMC's radiant aura extends to its key source markets, including the vibrant tapestry of India, the enchanting landscapes of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,  Pakistan, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and the timeless Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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