Taiwan Tourism Administration unveils Taiwan Specialist Program

The Taiwan Tourism Administration launched the Taiwan Specialist Program, "TIME FOR TAIWAN" to deepen ties with the Indian tourism industry. It consists of nine modules covering various aspects of Taiwan's attractions and travel logistics

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Taiwan Tourism Administration unveils Taiwan Specialist Program to educate Indian Travel Professionals

In a strategic move to bolster connections between Taiwan and the burgeoning Indian tourism sector, the Taiwan Tourism Administration has introduced an innovative endeavour – the Taiwan Specialist Program. This groundbreaking online initiative is meticulously designed to educate and empower Indian travel experts on the diverse attractions of Taiwan, positioning it as a top destination for Indian travellers.

Branded as "TIME FOR TAIWAN," the program encompasses nine comprehensive modules delving into many topics. These modules span cultural insights, visa procedures, transportation options, accommodation selections, itinerary crafting, MICE incentives, and insights into Indian restaurants and venues. Participants will glean invaluable knowledge about Taiwan through captivating content and interactive webinar sessions.


Upon mastering each module, participants undergo a rigorous Q&A session to gauge their comprehension and advance to the next stage. Those achieving a 70% or higher score earn the prestigious and exclusive title of "Taiwan Specialist," accredited by the Taiwan Tourism Administration.

Certified specialists stand to reap a host of exclusive rewards and participate in sponsored events, including exciting opportunities to win enticing prizes like a Fam trip to Taiwan, electronic gadgets, and Taiwan Tourism Hampers. This initiative is poised to arm Indian travel professionals with the requisite expertise and tools to promote and sell Taiwan as a premier travel destination effectively.



Noel Saxena, representing the Taiwan Tourism Administration in India, expressed his enthusiasm for the program. They are excited to unveil the Taiwan Specialist Program, a testament to their dedication to forging stronger ties with Indian travel professionals. By equipping them with in-depth knowledge about Taiwan, they aim to elevate their capacity to showcase Taiwan's distinctive offerings to Indian travellers.

Enrollment for the Taiwan Specialist Program is open. This program offers Indian travel professionals an unparalleled opportunity to attain certification in championing Taiwan.


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